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My team has started doing monthly challenges to increase our health and wellbeing and to create some connection as we work remotely. This month is a to pick up a daily habit.

I have taken…

On Innovation from Systemscope and The Moment

Presenters: Bryce Colenbrander from Systemscope and the Mark Kuzniki from The Moment

The workshop goal was to learn how to apply innovation maturity models in government. Second goal was to reflect on our organizations and brainstorm in groups on how to get to the next level.

Adapting the Service Design Maturity model

The model we…

This ceremonial workshop is designed to support teams committed to transitioning out of conflict and back into performance and trust.


If you’ve ever worked with another human to achieve a goal, you’ve probably experienced conflict. I’ll be vulnerable and share that many conflicts in my life have been managed poorly…

This work was completed under the direction of Clint Schnee, Founder of

UXperts — a user-centred design agency, and Blockable — a Blockchain development agency based out of Kelowna, BC, had discussions about potential partnerships together to create an auditing and certification process for the blockchain applications they would…

A user research tactic used on our project with Transport Canada.


I had never heard of “immersion” before this project. It came from a very specific need on our project that I predict is common in government regulation/service delivery. Now that we’ve completed it, I have some reflections about how this tactic can be useful for public servants. It builds strong…

I identify the inherent privilege that my pathway to a career in technology and design holds. I believe our unique journeys are all equally valuable in design. I think sharing them will help spread the message that learning comes from many places, and that our work selves are ourselves.


Code for Canada fellows at Transport Canada share the results of their research with drone pilots

Do you remember when digital cameras were all the rage? The availability and affordability of a new technology combined to make owning a digital camera an option for everyday consumers. Today, drones are doing for aviation what digital sensors did for photography; simply replace Canons and Nikons with DJI Sparks

Here’s a working draft of what people should do when someone makes them feel uncomfortable at their place of work. Please contribute! Add comments, reach out directly, share, diss- you do you.

Restaurant industry, this is especially for you.

The subject of this blog and list defines harassment inclusively, understanding…

There are three core capabilities that differentiate system leaders from, I don’t know… generic leadership. The first is the ability to see and design with the larger system. The second capability involves fostering reflection and more generative conversations, bringing the art of dialogue and group process into the forefront. …

Reflection, clarity, intention setting, planning.

I want to base my practice on holistic principles. I want to design programs for people to elevate their ventures by elevating their spiritual and emotional intelligence. I strive to expand my knowledge to be considered “holistic”. However, how could I understand organizational and systems…

Andee Pittman

Code for Canada Fellow | UX / Service Designer for Social Innovation @andeepittmanux @tealstrategies

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